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Over the past few decades, our skills have naturally been directed towards the in-depth knowledge of our profession, the protection of our clients’ interests, and the independence, availability, and discretion with which we process information.

Depending on the scope of the mandate you entrust to us, regardless of the number of insurers or the type of contracts that make up your insurance portfolio, we can immediately manage the existing portfolio and prepare you for your future by imagining and selecting the coverage that is best suited to your needs while optimizing their financing.

I am very proud to be able to perpetuate this family tradition full of values and landmarks that have become so important today.

Sébastien Beck, Administrator

Our Story

100 Years of Enthusiasm


Henri Beck starts his career as an insurance agent at the Helvetia-Accidents company (now Allianz Suisse)


Henri Beck becomes one of the first Swiss insurers accredited by Lloyd's of London Insurers


René-Paul Vallotton SA is incorporated into and accredited by the Insurers of Lloyd's of London and by the Swiss Union (now Generali)


Henri Beck's business is taken over by his son Laurent under his own name.

Assurances-Service SA is simultaneously incorporated by the Henzler family, a company that is to be accredited by the Insurers of Lloyd's of London and by Winterthur Assurances (now Axa)


A + A Assureurs Associés SA is incorporated by Laurent Beck to become a fully independent brokerage firm accredited by the largest insurance companies in Switzerland


Laurent Beck's son, Sébastien, joins A + A Assureurs Associés SA as Commercial Director

Assurances-Service SA is bought by the Beck family


Management board created for the group’s management under the name of "Synerisk Beck Assureurs”


The insurance portfolios taken out with Lloyd’s of London Insurers by Laurent Beck and Assurances-Service SA merge under the Assurances-Service SA entity


The René-Paul Vallotton company is bought by the Beck family. It merges with the company A + A Assureurs Associés SA for the portfolio subscribed with Generali and with the company Assurances-Service SA for the portfolio subscribed with the Insurers Lloyd’s of London


Assurances-Service SA merges with A + A Assureurs Associés SA

Sébastien Beck becomes the director and sole shareholder of this company

Synerisk continues as the digital media name for our site and email addresses.

Professional Affiliations

Professional ethics
A + A Assureurs Associés SA

We are members of the Swiss Insurance Brokers Association (SIBA) which brings together the most important insurance brokers in Switzerland with the best professional ethics. SIBA is committed to upholding the excellence and independence of its members. www.siba.ch

A + A Assureurs Associés SA

We are also a member of Lloyd’s Swiss Broker Association (LSBA) which brings together Lloyd's authorized brokers in Switzerland. www.lsba.ch

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority

A + A Assureurs Associés SA

Unrelated insurance intermediaries who offer or conclude insurance contracts acting for an insurance company or other persons must register in the public registry of insurance intermediaries.

An insurance intermediary means any person who, however designated, acts for insurance companies or other persons in view of the conclusion of insurance contracts or the conclusion of such contracts (Art. 40 LSA).

Unrelated insurance intermediaries: intermediaries who are not legally or economically related to an insurance company (brokers, brokers) can only carry out their activity after their registering in the registry (art. 43 al. 1 LSA). This provision applies to both legal and natural persons.

FINMA maintains a public register of insurance intermediaries:


A + A Assureurs Associés SA’s authorization number is: 10351
Sébastien Beck, Administrator’s authorization number is: 11173

Certified Insurance Competence

Continuous training
A + A Assureurs Associés SA

Cicero is the label attesting to the quality of the advice provided by the advisers who ensure the continuous development of their professional skills. Cicero thus contributes to improving the quality of insurance advice.

Cicero enables insurance intermediaries to document their apprenticeship services and to justify them vis-à-vis the legislator and the end customer.

CICERO maintains a registry of its members:


Sebastien Beck's membership number is: 21055